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The college is associated with 2 hospitals, former one is situated in the heart of city i.e. Purana Bazar, while the newer with 220 bedded indoor running in the new building of the college having 8 specialized O.P.D’s with casualty facilities too and all modern & ayurvedic management facilities along with Semi I.C.U. College has also two rural P.H.C. along with a mobile clinic in ambulance. Super specialized Ayurvedic treatment like Kshar Sutra, Agni Karma, Kshar Karma, Jalauka Therapy etc. are available in the hospital along with all modern enemities like one twenty five types of blood Bio Chemistry, Hematology, Sputum, Urine tests E.C.G., E.E.G. Digital X-Ray, Ultrasound, 16 Slice C.T. Scan machine also available in the hospital.